About Us

Michigan Drain’s hometown is right here in Lansing and we are proudly family owned and operated. We’re licensed and insured to clean obstructed drains with fast, friendly and professional service at a reasonable price. We use the latest tech in drain cleaning equipment and best practices to bring you the most value, and ensure a higher quality outcome.

We specialize in the following drain services:

  • General sewer & drain cleaning of all types
  • Rotational augering
  • Camera assisted hydrojetting
  • Preventative drain maintenance on a yearly basis to eliminate the risk of unexpected sewage backups
  • Advanced troubleshooting, diagnostics, sonde location and jetting
  • Drain and pipe thawing (de-icing)
  • Drain and sewer CIPP lining (Cured in Place Pipe), inverting a new pipe inside of the existing sewer
  • Mainline drain and sewer repairs – including repairs that require excavation
  • Main drain jetting for root intrusion, calcium buildup, scale abatement, or grease
  • Televised drain inspections with digital report and narrated recording(s) on digital media provided for your records
  • Cleaning / clearing Storm Drains or Parking Lot Drains

Please call for a scope of work not listed – on-site estimates are always free!