Drain Inspection

Sewer Inspections

We utilize self leveling cameras during our camera drain inspection to view the entire sewer line and find any defects. If a defect is found, your drain cleaner will record images and video of the issue along with data on where it is in the pipe's length.

After a defect is found and documented, we enable a beacon inside of the camera head while it's still near the defect to locate it and mark it on the ground above using a locator receiver. Once the drain inspection service is complete in Lansing orĀ Grand Ledge, MI, we email a report which includes the media from the drain inspection service.

Shown below are some examples of the defects we've seen, such as root intrusions, misaligned pipe joints, or collapsed / broken pipes.

Here's an example of severe root intrusion we found on an inspection for a new homeowner. The homeowner made the right call by having this camera drain inspected before moving in, as the roots would've caused sewage to back up in to the home:

The following are examples of a misaligned pipe joint. The misaligned joint will cause sewage to slow down and pool behind the misalignment, and likely sewage will back up in to the home. The sewage will also seep out into the spaces around the pipe, and erode the soil on the outside, compounding the misalignment and eventually requiring replacement.

In the following photo we see a broken clay pipe, as well as soil that has been infiltrating over time

Here we found a severely corroded cast iron pipe. Unfortunately, the pipe has likely started to allow sewage in to the surrounding soil through the channel that developed in the bottom of the pipe